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 PLEASE READ: Voting and why it's important!

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ: Voting and why it's important!   Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:34 pm

So you like Embers of the Legion Server but you think it could use more people online to have fun with playing? Would you gladly see economy developing, even more items in Auction Houses, more opportunities for instances or raids and more players joining battlegrounds? Or maybe you are just enjoying the gameplay Embers provides and you want to help?

If so, there is a simple answer for you:


Q: Why is voting so important and how does it help?
A: There are rankings on the internet regarding private World of Warcraft servers. By supporting your server with your vote, you help it move up in the rankings and thus be listed closer to the top.

Q: But why should we even care about some rankings?
A: Well, players looking to join a private server will, in most cases, be looking for one on the ranking sites exactly. The problem is, most people will not bother looking for servers below the first 20 (or even the first 10) listed. For them, if you are listed lower than that, you are pretty much invisible. They think that if a server is listed higher in the ranking, it must be better.

Q: Are servers from the top spots of those rankings really better?
A: NO. NO. NO. By all means, noooooo. Very much in every case they are much worse in terms of bugs, GM support, community, policies etc. They just have more people to vote for them.

Q: Do the top ranking servers get more people to join them?
A: Unfortunately, yes. Many people who start their experience with private servers do not realise there are alternatives to the “hog” servers at the top of the list. They end up playing there because they did not know better.

This is exactly why voting counts. Being listed higher on the ranking sites means more players seeing us and a better chance of them joining our community. As for the people who think higher rank is “better”, they are wrong but it will still attract them nontheless.

Q: Does the Ember Staff have any gain from people voting?
A: No. Not any more than every member of our community do. The only reason we encourage people to vote is so that we can all have more fun playing the game. Some say it is about the ego. Well, I personally do not care so much about that. What other staff-members think, I have no idea

You can vote once every 24 hours for every ranking (from a single IP), Currently, Embers is listed on 5 such sites. Voting is free, safe and only takes a minute of your time a day to do them all.

In order to vote:

•Click the banner link on our forum page
•It will transfer you to a verification page, where you will be asked to sign in. There, you will have a drop down option to vote on 5 different sites. There will be verification pages on some of them. Type what u see and click “vote for embers”
•Be mindful that some net browsers may not function properly with this and transfer you directly to the ranking instead of the verification (voting) page; if you weren't asked to click some "vote button" or fill some text, you did not vote... Firefox and Chrome work well in most cases
•Remember to CLICK the vote button and not just hit the enter key after you submit the words required (it has been reported that only the clicks count in)
•Once you click the button, you will be transferred to the ranking itself (you can there see what spot we occupy)
•Click the Back button 3 times and you will get to the home page of the voting rewards.
•After you have done all 5 sites, you are done. You have supported Embers Server with your vote and helped it grow in the process.
You can now do the same with the rest of the voting links.

Thank you for your support.
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PLEASE READ: Voting and why it's important!
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