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 Wintergrasp Rules {READ]

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PostSubject: Wintergrasp Rules {READ]   Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:44 pm

since there has been alot crap going on recently in Wintergrasp to end the bickering here are some rules that have been put together if any one is found to not be fallowing them they will be punished as listed these Rules are also likely to be changed or added to so check back now and then

1.No destroying the top 2 goblin workshops outside the keep if u are the defending faction
2. No stealing other factionís vehicles
3. No spamming hoping in and out of vehicles to force them to regain hp
4. No abusing the orb to win
5.Dont capture the 2 goblin workshops between the 2 towers to the south if u are defending.
6. dont capture the 2 goblin workshops in the keep if u are attacking
7. something else here I cant rember atm will add it later

1st offense - kick and tp to dalaran
2nd offense - 12hr acct freeze
3rd offense - 2 day ip ban
4th offense - omg...if it goes that far i will consider a much more serious punishment...

"Noobs are easily frightened, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers."

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Wintergrasp Rules {READ]
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