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 Children Children...

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PostSubject: Children Children...   Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:22 pm

Since there are people who like to act like 8 year olds here, i have disabled the forum reputation feature indefinitely.

Some of you out there are so immature that you can't handle appropriately delegating thanks and giving credit to helpful posts. I'm sick of idiots ruining this system so its probably not coming back...seriously, i am very disappointed in this outcome. I went from 150 to -80 in a day, obviously someone didn't like what i did and decided they'd shit on everything (after all, with 1800 posts, its not hard to rack up negative rep). Its partly my fault for not throttling the settings, but obviously you guys can't handle this...unfortunate a few imbeciles can ruin something good for the community...i guess that's what you get when you open the doors with cordiality and helpfulness, some retard thinks its funny to wreck it for everyone...

so YAY to whoever the genius is that did this...you are really cool and everyone will want to be your friend now Suspect

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Children Children...
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