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PostSubject: Topic Tags   Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:38 pm

When a topic has been reviewed, or fixed they will be tagged as follows-

[Quest]- This is the original tag by the player who reports the quest, this means the quest has not been reviewed or looked at yet

[In Progress]- This means that a GM/Dev has reviewed the quest and is working on a solution for this problem, as most fixes are fixed immediately you may not see this tag alot, unless more research into the problem is needed.

[Needs Testing]- This is the big one, this means that a fix has been implemented but not tested, ANYONE can test these, you do not need to wait for a GM to test it, if you do you could be prolonging the corect fix Very Happy ( These topics will be made sticky so they do not get lost in all the new posts)

["Problem"- On Hold]- This means that this quest is not a essential quest to your game play ( I.E.- Not a quest chain, only rew gold and xp, come one there are plenty of working quest out there Very Happy , or this cannot currently be fixed), and will be put on hold until more important quests have been attended to first.

[Fixed]- I don't think i need to explain this...
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PostSubject: Re: Topic Tags   Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:32 am

Also, append the zone for where the quest takes place somewhere, preferably in format of "[Quest Bug][Zone] - Name of Quest"

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