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 [NPC] Warlock pets

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[NPC] Warlock pets Empty
PostSubject: [NPC] Warlock pets   [NPC] Warlock pets Icon_minitimeTue Feb 23, 2010 6:13 pm

I've noticed that most, if not all, NPC warlock pets are out of whack. They all seem to do uber damage that will pwn your face in a few seconds, or don't break from attacking after they migrate a certain distance from their spawn.

Voidwalker I was questing in Tanaris and the Wastewander Shadow Magi were one of my target NPCs. I killed one of the Magi, but a not too distant voidwalker spotted me. I thought it was no problem, but soon I had only 80 HP and found myself running through Tanaris like an r-tard from this demon chasing me to no end. I had to wait for my vanish to finish its CD so I could break this unholy thing from me.

Imp When I was in STV I noticed that the Bloodsail Imps were hitting me for an average of 400. Noticed the same for the imp minions of the Saytrs in Ashenvale.
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[NPC] Warlock pets
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