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 Donation Reward Vendors Implemented!

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PostSubject: Donation Reward Vendors Implemented!   Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:17 pm

That's right! The time has finally come!

We have had a donation reward system in place for a few weeks, giving out tokens based on how much you give to the server, but up until now, those tokens haven't been able to be used. I can happily announce that vendors have been placed in Orgrimmar's Hall of Legends and Stormwind City's Champion's Hall.

These new vendors will award all sorts of otherwise unobtainable companion pets, mounts, and other fun items for your Embers Donation Tokens. No one else will be able to have cool mounts such as Reins of the Ancient Frostsaber or pets such as Frosty, or be able to relax, sit back and just enjoy an afternoon in a Fishing Chair...its our way for showing our thanks for your generosity!!!

*Thanks to Turk for help with this project*

I have started a Q&A/suggestion thread for the Donation Reward System HERE

DONATE HERE (must be logged into website)

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PostSubject: Re: Donation Reward Vendors Implemented!   Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:42 am

anytime bro, thanks for implementing the vendors Wink and ofc, thanks for the donation guys!

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Donation Reward Vendors Implemented!
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