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 Donation Reward System Working!

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PostSubject: Donation Reward System Working!   Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:01 pm

We have officially kicked off our Donation Reward System as of tonight! There are 4 packages, ranging from $5-20, that reward you 1-10 donation tokens. These will be used to purchase mounts, pets, tabards, items, etc that only donators can have access to.

I will create a donator vendor soon to redeem your tokens (it will probably be in Shattrath City with the other vendors). As time passes, the redemption system will become more sophisticated, but we will take great care to make sure those that have been there from the beginning will be rewarded. afro

I also want to take this time to personally thank everyone who contributes to Embers (in any way, not just monetarily). If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be doing this.


To donate, log into OUR WEBSITE then click Donate. Pick a package that fits your budget and your reward will be automatically mailed to you (if you are in-game at the time, you have to re-log).

Quick Link:

***You must be logged into the website using your in-game account information in order to donate***

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Donation Reward System Working!
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