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 Hyjal Summit Update

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PostSubject: Hyjal Summit Update   Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:51 pm

From here on out, Hyjal Summit will only be opened to legitimate raid groups and with a GM present. There IS a bug, and its being rampantly abused and turning our server into a joke. I apologize in advance for any pain this is going to cause ppl, but we simply cannot have our entire gear-leveling system compromised b/c ppl figured out a bug to abuse. I will admit fault in not addressing this sooner, but i really didn't understand the full nature of this bug until a few days ago. My staff and I have come to this conclusion and we think it is the best for our server.

What The Bug Is
You are allowed to loot corpses you have not significantly damaged. The result is, you can run the waves through the npcs and let them kill the waves (legitmate); HOWEVER, because you are not the one killing them, you or your group should not be able to loot them (which is the case today). This has been fully discussed as a bug by other ppl like me and the dev team on the trinity servers. Since ppl probably wont believe me, you can go here to look at the discussion (note: you will have to create an account to see it, we're on rev 1052).

What We Are Going To Do
  • Mandate that all GEAR from Hyjal Summit Drops be vended for G or DE'd for mats
  • Manually delete any plans/designs/etc learned from drops there
  • Close Hyjal Summit for farming purposes of small groups (or solo runs) that cannot beat the waves legitimately
  • Open Hyjal Summit for legitimate groups that can play the game the way it was intended by Blizzard
  • Give everyone until Friday to dispose of the items. After that, they will be deleted
  • In this grace period, you may not equip the items, they must be unequipped asap

What We Are NOT Going To Do
  • Take away any G earned while farming Hyjal
  • Take away any rep earned while farming hyjal
Again, I'm sorry if this is going to leave some of you with missing gear, but I have to think that everyone knew it wasn't right, it was clearly abusive. And in that case, hopefully most of you kept back ups just in case. We are trying to create the most blizz-like experience here possible while still having fun. An exploit like this is simply unfair and not right and makes it not fun for players who can't or dont know how to do it. We're better than that here at Embers.

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Hyjal Summit Update
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